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PILOT DIARIES (#2): Lovro Grlj about joining Jung Sky and learning from our captains

November 12, 2021 |
Lovro Grlj_Jung Sky's First Officer

First Officer Lovro Grlj joined Jung Sky's team in May 2021 and is one of our nine pilots. If you're interested in finding more about him or any other pilot or team member at Jung Sky, please visit our Team page.

Here's his take on joining Jung Sky and learning from our captains. 

"While every start in a new work environment is a challenge, the overall atmosphere at Jung Sky has helped me a lot to fit in easily. Right from the start, the captains have been really supportive and are giving their best in passing their knowledge, so at no point did I feel less valuable due to a lack of experience in this particular type of aviation, regardless of my previous experience at other airlines. They respect every comment and are always ready to give detailed answers to the questions asked.
One thing that excites me a lot is that our captains are people with diverse backgrounds, from being captains in larger commercial airlines, to being former military pilots. All their stories and experiences are a real treat to listen to. Learning all sorts of different things from each and every captain on the team makes this job even more interesting and I'm really looking forward to all my shifts in the future."


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